How to be Grateful

5 ways to be grateful:

1. Simply saying “thank You God”. I love to say thank You in the morning right when I wake up.

2. Keeping a gratitude journal and write 5 things you’re thankful for every day. With so much negativity going on around the world, it feels good to acknowledge all the marvelous things God has blessed us with. It could be anything!

3. Take a walk outside, preferably in nature, and be present with God by simply breathing in that fresh air, feeling the breeze on your skin, acknowledging the beautiful scenery and maybe even animals around you that’s God’s creations.

4. God wants us to spread the love of Jesus Christ everywhere we go. Smile at anyone you come across with and treat them with kindness.

5. Say thank you to your loved ones. As stated in #4, showing Christ’s love to others is a wonderful way of showing gratitude, especially if it’s showing gratitude towards your loved ones. Tell them how much you’re grateful for them today!

What are you grateful for today and how will you spread the love of Christ?

Written by Bv. Flores


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