We can be hurt so easily in many ways as humans. There is physical or bodily pain, but there is also another pain that in many cases is far worse than any physical pain could ever be. I have just gone through a situation that caused a very deep soul wound and hurt. Even as a physical wound needs the right kind of attention in order for it to heal properly, so does a wound and hurt to the soul.

Our soul being our: mind (thoughts and reason), emotions (feelings, passion, desires), and will (choices, decisions, a place that can be violated and even manipulated or controlled in certain cases).

Throughout the course of my life I have suffered far greater soul wounds than any physical wounds. For others it is the exact opposite. Not for me. Because of this, I have developed a very sensitive awareness to even the anticipation that a soul wound or hurt is coming, due to the knowledge of how things progress during conversation, writing, or even body language, without even any words spoken at all.

If you can relate to this, even in just a small way, I think you may benefit from what I will share with you here, and you will be able to walk away with some help and understanding on how I believe we can deal with even the greatest of soul wounds.

Even while still needing some attention to a recent soul wounding, I find that I am able to see some things and hopefully relay a good message to you that will also help you be healed and restored in your soul. Words or the tongue is the worst weapon in the arsenal of what we can do to hurt another’s soul. Words really do have the capacity to kill………. or bring life, healing, wellness to our souls (Selah).

The bible is true friend. Make no mistake about it. Every word in that book is 100% reliable in helping us deal with life. Many of you are hurting right now, just as I am. I want to take a moment and let you know that it is ok to cry. If you have not found the ability to cry, please realize that crying is a gift from God to help us excrete all sorts of emotions that can be bottled up within us.

Sure sometimes we have tears of joy, but most of the time they are not for that reason, and we ought not to hold them back. Please let them out. It is ok and right to let them out, no matter who is looking, and what they may think of you. I am speaking to many men that find yourselves so tough that you have perhaps not cried since you were a boy.

Your father or mother may have repeatedly told you that crying was not good and to stop it. My friend, that is not right or true in the eyes of GOD, and deep down on the inside of yourself you know it.

Give yourself the liberty to cry today if you need to. I really have desired, and even do cry with anyone that is crying in My presence. The bible says that we should do this. It does not say that coined phrase “It’s ok, stop crying.” No! Please, that very phrase that we have grown so accustomed to is a lie from hell.

The enemy is the one who does not want you to cry, even if it was through a well meaning person. Do not listen to that phrase ever again. Please believe this: “It is not ok, and I really do need to cry,” and you can tell them that GOD told you to, because I know that HE is saying that.

My heart goes out to all of you that have been weeping in grief and sorrow for even years. However, I need to let you know that in most cases it does not need to go on that long. Certain wounds are much deeper than others, even as certain physical wounds are, and take longer to heal. Yet our GOD is amazing.

HE is absolutely amazing in HIS ability to take the scraps of your heart that are left from what happened(and I say this with tears right now), and bring the deepest comfort, peace and soft healing that will help you through what occurred, and then bring back your hope and even your joy, after some time in HIS presence.

The bible says that it is like pouring salt in the wounds, when you try to cheer up or sing songs of joy to a heavy heart. When someone is in a deep place of sorrow or grief, especially if they just got that way, please do not go up to them and say things like “Hey cheer up, tomorrow is another day.” My friend that is not what I need to hear in a place of mourning and grief, and I know that is not what you need either.

If anyone is going to help, they will help by getting down with you, and sharing in your pain, even with tears along with you, with prayers of compassion and gentleness. That is what the LORD does.

HE comes right into the darkness of the pain and quietly sits and comforts you gently, until you are able to receive some joy. You just cannot go from anguish of soul to jumping up and down with joy in an instant.

That is irrational and even highly insensitive to even think that someone is able to do that, and even expect them to do that. “Oh I wish they would just get over it,” some people think. Perhaps you need to get over some pride and arrogance that will help them get over it, if you think that way? Pride and arrogance are 2 more great enemies to the soul.

They bring destruction, strife, disorder, rebellion, and almost everything hurtful if you are sensitive to the LORD. GOD hates pride, and has nothing to do with it, in the sense of selfish pride. There is a good pride that I believe GOD has about HIS children, but that is not rooted in self. It is rooted in HIS love. Very opposite types of pride. Pride certainly does go before destruction.

So before you or I say those words in pride, think for just a minute that destruction will follow those words in some way. Before we rise up in an arrogant spirit, like we know what is best in all instances for anyone, at anytime, know that a fall will follow that arrogance.

We were given this precious life in CHRIST to enjoy the freedom of all that the Lord has done for us, and to spread that freedom all over the world.

 You and I can truly be free from soul wounds and the number one way that we begin to find some relief and freedom in the midst of all the intense pain is by simply going to JESUS and not staying away from HIM.

Even if you were the perpetrator and you are feeling so very badly that it has affected your soul to the place of hurting, please do not run from the only One who can truly help you, just because you feel ashamed.

The LORD knows how to gently deal with our shame, because of the wrongs we have done, and HE also knows how to gently remove the pain of either what happened to us, through us, or both. Coming into a place of complete humility before GOD is the major truth that we need to receive all that the LORD has for us. For HE said “I resist the proud but give grace to the humble.”  The word also commands us to “Be completely humble and gentle (Ephesians 4:2).”

 We cannot afford to have even the smallest places of pride or arrogance remaining in our lives, if we really want all that GOD has for us to step into. Pride must go, and He will help us get rid of it too. The scripture says to “cast our care upon Him,”(1Peter 5:5-7). That is one way to humble ourselves.

If we carry our own cares, then we are walking in the pride of independence, because “apart from JESUS we can do nothing,” as the LORD spoke in John 15:5.

So please understand that if you want to receive: peace, grace, mercy, healing and restoration in your life from perhaps even multiple soul wounds piled on top of each other, then every area of pride, smugness, sarcasm, exaggeration, and any other fruit of pride, needs to go in order for you and I to be able to experience the fullness of HIS amazing grace.

HE has everything that we need, but HE will resist every proud area in us. If we ask HIM to help us get rid of our pride and even to cleanse us of it, then that is like music to HIS ears. You know the stench of being around a proud person, after dwelling with the LORD in complete humility for a long time.

That person does not see a single fault of their own, but will be very quick to point out and even make a mountain of little things that GOD is already working on in your own life that you know full well about.

You and I do not need to hear their take on what GOD has already given and show us the plan to, which pertains to how we will be overcoming our weaknesses, just because they think that they “know the problem,” and bless GOD they are going to tell you! That kind of behavior is wrong and it needs to be cleansed from us.

Pride blinds us to the reality of GOD, and it also causes us to be perpetual fault finders, in everybody that we come into contact with. This mindset is trained to always figure out what is wrong with someone, and then go in and try to be the Holy Ghost and change it.

They do not realize that they do more damage, and that nothing good comes out of that. There is a critical eye in this kind of mindset continually, and it is not able to see and focus mainly on all the good that is present in another, as should be the case.

The critical eye, fueled by pride and arrogance, will render us unable to see that the little things we may see are really small matters in the eyes of GOD, and can be taken care of with some prayer and HIS presence.

Meanwhile there is a huge plank in that proud eye that will blind the person to this reality, of the “speck in the other person’s eye.” Friend, if the LORD is pricking upon your heart, with some of this as describing the way you behave, please know that there is a remedy to it and you are not without hope.

You, me and anyone that gets caught in that kind of distorted web, perhaps even not purposely, but it just came to be a way of life, can get free by going to the cross. We can put pride to death at the cross. For it was there that JESUS dealt with pride.

It is there that we can nail that flesh, and see it die off from our lives, and never come back. When pride is truly gone, you will see life in a totally different way.

Things that once caught your attention, no longer do, and you find yourself drawn to everything and everyone humble, instead of being drawn toward proud things and people. We will see through the eyes of grace, like the LORD does, who looks to what is right in our lives, and never harps about what is wrong with us.

 In closing, healing and restoration will come to you and I every time that we bring it to JESUS, and keep it before HIM until we are better.

Talking some things out in a proper way with some trustworthy brothers or sisters in the LORD will help you to release some grief. We really do need others, but no one as much as the LORD.

Giving yourself the liberty to cry is a major pressure valve, that needs to be released in order to be healed, and going to the cross and finding everything that the LORD has done for us there, is the victory that we will rise into, as we are healed and restored from soul wounds. Don’t live in denial friend.

Please…..not for another minute. Bring your pain to JESUS, and watch HIM do incredible things, in HIS most wonderful presence, as you remain there and become whole in soul. GOD bless you today and know that I am for you and praying for you,

Blessings Friends,
Rhonda Mustafaa


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